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La Biennale di Venezia 58th International Art Exhibition – 11. May – 24. November 2019 | Natascha Süder Happelmann’s artistic project with Jessica Ekomane, Maurice Louca, DJ Marfox, Jako Maron and Elnaz Seyedi. Read more about the adventure here: 

Reading Music - Gerlesborgsskolan. Tisha Mukarji, Johan Arrias, Henrik Olsson  | .Punkt will begin working on Foreign Fridges by Hanna Hartmann and Der erste Stern ist das letzte Haus by Michael Pisaro. 26th January: Concert at Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän. Info:

70 Lines on Words and Notes (Reflections on Reading Music)

1. One, wan, 1. Aan, æn, ain, anne, ayn (the eye in Arabic). Open ō to close ō. The sound of o is historically short, close to 0 (zero).

2. The Choronometre is an instrument consisting of just two parts. A ruler and a pendulum. All the different measures and movements of music can be reduced to two and three time, duple and triple time. Thus by determining the movements of music in relation to these two simple measures, it is determined for all other composed measures.

3 Is a quaver a syllable ? ♪ What is ⅛th of a word ♫ a stutter ? (see 35.)

4. In the Rigveda (c. 1500 and 1200 BC) the word is measured in four quarters. Sound is divided into three inaudible parts and the fourth that is audible. Three quarters, concealed in secret, cause no movement. The fourth is the quarter that is spoken…

5. Swann’s five notes. The fifth. Musical notes are divided into five values: the round, the white, the black, the crochet, and double crochet. However, there is much more than five degrees of movement in music, these five numbers are not enough to mark them all.

6. Notes might be hieroglyphs in operation.
8. Immusicality might be an answer to the corpse of musicology…

9. Let us speak more for barbarism. Yes to contrary speech, to form contrary to purity.

10. Au/Oral. see 1.

11. See 2.

12. Tuning

13. Eaves and drop. To catch what comes from eaves, to listen under windows.

14. Isochrone: words and notes in equal time.

15. Humming…humming…in what key, what frequency, what density ? Hmm.

16. Barbarism: added “not in use”. Johnsnon’s Dictionary

17. E has two sounds, long as 'scène' and short as 'pen'. Sometimes e stands in silence when it is in love.


Chekhov's Ear: A Boring Story
for six, 8' - 16', June 2018. For Jean McGarry

Following the silences and sonic details in Chekhov's "A Boring Story".

Performed at Cafe Oto, London with Angharad Davies, Áine O'Dwyer, Mira Benjamin, Dominic Lash and John Lely.
Listen to the evening here:

After Hours Sessions.
Session 1: 20:42
Session 2: 16:19

Angharad Davies - violin
Kai Fagaschinski - clarinet
Vilhelm Bromander - bass
Tisha Mukarji - piano
Recorded at Die Wäche Friday evening 14th April 2017.



Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji - ffansïon | fancies
Another Timbre Records at99

Recorded at St Catherine’s Church, Hatcham, South London on 5th & 6th February 2016


auscultofonogram records

Released May 16, 2016.
Recorded by Kristian Holmgren 22.03.2013
Layout and artwork Tisha Mukarji and Henrik Olsson
Mixed and mastered by Johan Arrias 


Another Timbre Records at51 

Angharad Davies:   violin
Tisha Mukarji:   piano
Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga:   zither

1. Glacier 10:41
2. Meltwater 11:05
3. Moraine 16:02

Recorded in London, December 2011


Schall und Rausch | Vapour
confront collectors series ccs 61

Tisha Mukarji - piano (center)
Johan Arrias - alto saxophone & clarinet (left)
Axel Dörner - trumpet (center)
Kai Fagaschinski - clarinet (right)

1. Vapour (42’54)

Recorded by Axel Dörner on April 6th, 2014 live at ausland, Berlin. Mixed by Anders Dahl in Skårve, Sweden.
Thanks to Anders, Christina and ausland.


An electro-acoustic trio of composers and performers .Punkt is Johan Arrias, Tisha Mukarji and Henrik Olsson.

Reading Music 2018-19

.Punkt has commissioned three new pieces and will begin work on them shortly...

portals by Nomi Epstein
Foreign Fridges by Hanna Hartman
Der erste Stern ist das letzte Haus by Michael Pisaro

Listen to the first release Dots and Lines


Schall und Rausch

Schall und Rausch 
Johan Arrias - clarinet and saxophone
Axel Dörner - trumpet
Kai Fagaschinski - clarinet
Tisha Mukarj - piano

Schall und Rausch is a variation on the German phrase "schall und rauch", which means "sound and smoke", and describes a state of intangibleness, intangibility.
“Schall und rausch" can be translated as "sound and intoxication". An intoxication of sound...

See more on Confront Records here

​Photo taken by Anders Dahl in Gerlesborg, 2016. 

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